It took 4 years to ‘crack the code’

I was in a 3 year drawdown. £8000 loss in the first year, spent over £8000 in courses.

What did I learn?

I learned that most forex courses are the same regurgitated sh!t, just polished and wrapped up in different packaging. It taught nothing new… in-fact, the only thing it taught me was that there are many ‘gurus’ who claim to be a professional trader, instead they prey on your emotions and desperation for the desire to be wealthy.

They feed their own pockets with your hard earned money. Selling courses at £500+ with no intention of giving you support in your development.

It took me 3 years of blowing accounts, falling victim for the next shiny course that came on sale. It’s a tough world out there.

So, how did I ‘crack the code’?

Honestly? I eventually (after spending thousands) came across ‘institutional based trading’. There are many free content creators online. The one I really stuck with was The Inner Circle Trader (ICT) his content opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of trading. The best part, it was free material.

Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work learning. Testing. Failing and re-attempting. But things began to move in the right direction.

It wasn’t until I read a book ‘The One Thing’ (not trading related) that things really fell into perspective. It made me realize that I didn’t need multiple set ups. I didn’t need multiple tools and indicators. It made me realize I just needed 1 single concept that I could really use to develop.

That’s where things really changed.

I eventually focused on creating a go-to set up that was based around waiting for a stop-hunt to then look for a position. This meant that the large pockets of the banks had already taken the small retail stops, wiping the traders out and leaving them in a mindset of confusion and anger. At that point I was able to jump on the back of the big money and ride a position in line with their intended direction.

That’s how I ‘cracked the code’

Since then I have become an FTMO funded trader. I’ve made back all those losses from the first few years and I’ve clawed back the money that was spent of courses that wasted my time.

I’m now almost 5 years in and I can finally say that all the stress and time I threw at the market has been worth it.

I wrote a book in 2018 called ‘not my pips’ which talks about my experience over the first few years of learning to trade.

I didn’t stop there.

I’ve recently launched a YouTube channel called ‘Decision of Power’ where I posted a 15 video series called ‘Trader Development Series’ where I break down in a real simple way, how my trading set up works. It’s there, for free.

I made the series to try and help new and even struggling traders to break through to the profitable way of trading.

As I learned… paid content doesn’t always mean it’s the best content.

I hope this message reaches a lot of traders and shows you there is light at the end of the tunnel, as long as your pointed towards the right end.

Take it easy traders.


That’s interesting and informative, thank you. I will look at your YouTube vids. Tell me, how many stop hunts in any one day, where were they, and how did you find the spot-on timing to see them actually in play?

Hi Steve.

My newest video on YouTube breaks down a DAILY candle. I also talk in the video about when the stop run takes place :blush:

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Nice information i think one key you may not have mentioned is your perseverance. It is so key to have a strong mindset and to push through were most decide to quit. 5 years is enough to get a good concept and work it with your experience too many want to be millionaires in 3 months

I agree Craig. It has been a long, hard journey. As you say, too many traders want to become millionaires overnight. The reason I wrote my book was to help traders understand the difficulties in the early stages. A lot of experienced traders have something to relate to also. :blush:

Great work mate. Will definitely take a look

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Yes I know ICT, I will take a look at your channel for sure & subscribe!

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Every new beginner lose and need to learn thing in simple way, I am trading for 6 month and lost 1.5k , will look in ur youtube channel.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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