Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan?

:eek: The Japanese Yen, the Chinese Yuan, are these lumped together in USD/JPY or are they traded separately? If not traded separately how much impact does the Yuan have on the Yen?

USD/JPY is Just the US vs the Japanese Yen (JPY). The Chinese Yuan however has the symbol CNY. Thus they are not lumped together. In the case of them affecting one another, I don’t think that there is enough in common to say that one will push the other up or down. I won’t lie, I’m not to deep into geographics, so I don’t know how close they are together. They may Import or Export Goods, yet the amount the yen exports and imports to larger countries - US, UK, EUROZONE, etc. - affects the fundamental side much more than to china, I think (however china is becoming a larger power in the world.). But, Imports/exports are only a small part of the fundamental side. As well, the market is moved by the volume (money in and out through transactions), so very easily at times the yen could be pushed down because of large sellers, while the Yuan gets pushed up because of large buyers. Hope this helps, Stay Cool - take it easy!