Join forces to move the market!

In one of his posts Ingot �Ingot�s Rainbow: A Position Trading Strategy�, mentioned Stop Hunting. I have been stung by this practice and it is something that is often at the forefront of my mind when trading.

Recently, whilst driving through the night, with nothing but the radio for company, I began to dwell on the way that some influential people, by virtue of the powerful positions they occupy, are able to make huge profits by moving the market in the direction they want it to go.

As my mind drifted I had visions of hundreds, maybe thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of ordinary men and women throughout the world, who let us say contribute to the Baby Pips forum, buying Cable for example at the same time and on the same day for say: �10 a pip��

I know this is a crazy idea, but just for a bit of fun has anybody else ever pondered on such a prospect? I realise there would be massive organisational problems, but could it be pulled off? Does anybody feel that with the right amount of people, would it be possible to mimic the power of the big financial institutions?:rolleyes:

I like to think anything is possible, and if you get a hundred thousand people to buy at least one standard lot of the same pair…who knows???

I’d like to see it happen :slight_smile:

Well ‘count me in’!!!

I’ve wondered about this as well many, many, times (and I was going to post something along these lines as well but just never got around to it).

I reckon there are more than enough of us and I’ve always wondered what would happen if we all synchronised our clocks and at the same exact time we, by prior arrangement, all placed a market order to sell GBP/JPY (for example)!!! I just wonder how many people would ‘stick to it’ and not take the other side of the trade??? As a matter of fact this would work even better on stocks for the simple reason that there are less participants!!!

So there you have it. Two ‘club members’ aside from yourself already. Now if you can just get the rest of the retail traders together (as a matter of fact if you could just get the new trading accounts that have been opened in China together for the past couple of months) and let us know what you want to buy or sell TIMEOUSLY then you (we) should be ‘good to go’!!!

I think its possible. I also think it would take ALOT of people. Then of coarse you would have those trading against the idea. So you would have to get even more people. It would be nice though, wouldn’t it?

I suppose this is a given, but demo accounts don’t affect the market do they? :o

I wouldn’t think so, no.

This is an interesting (hypothetical) subject. If your broker is also a market maker then the question is: would you be affecting the market as whole (with enough people of course) or would you just be making your broker go broke???

I’ve had some same daydream lol but everyone would need to use an ECN broker too. count me in hehe

Well for that to work, we’ll need enough people to buy back (if we go long) at the higher price, if not it would only mean a widening of the spread.

Isn’t that what happens on news by the way?