Journal of a 90%+ win rate trader :)

Is that a typical month for you?

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best of luck.

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i usually make $100+ per week i trade.

Welcome and best of luck.

Will be interesting to see how you trade and what level of risk you take.


Can you share some of your tips?

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94% for this week so far.

Had a bit of fun joking around with tiny trades.

I like to do little trades with one of the guys I talk with at work just to show him little ideas in action.

Number of trades 53

Winning trades 50

Losing trades 3

Profit $323

Loses: -$19

My next post on Saturday will show my current total after Friday, because I expect to make at least an extra $100+ before the market closes.

Weekly total ended up as:

Win rate 96%

Number of trades 67

Winning trades 64

Losing trades 3

Profit $762

Loses: -$19

New totals since March 19th:

Win rate 93%

Number of trades 161

Winning trades 149

Losing trades 12

Profit $2,114

Loses: -$192

That’s quite a difference between the two weeks. What’s your strategy? Could you share your entry and exit signals?

What would you say your average return is per week in terms of percentage of capital?

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With this kind of win rate, you’d be compounding and you’d be a millionaire in 6 months!!

Do you have a program? Can I join? How much is it?


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Haha this was what I was thinking/getting at. With basic compounding based on historical results it seems like he will overtake Bezos in a couple of years…

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With compounding, his account would be literally the third largest economy in the world. He could bail all of South America out of debt without breaking a sweat.



Come on! You do not even know if he is actually trading. He could simply be posting made-up performances. Although I recognize extreme performance can be achieved,

This is my performance for the last seven trading days. I can normally get to 700-800% before I am psychologically affected by the size of the account growth.
day1 : 30%
day2 :70%
day3 : 121%
day4: 187%
day5: 274%
day6 :387%
day7: 534%

The above is manual trading.

My extreme equity growth record for automated systems is work in progress. So far 684% in seven weeks.

@FreeForLife oh man! Do you have a program, too?! How can I sign up?

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Thank you. I would never risk another man’s money when manual trading.

I have made a very good FREE automated MT4 strategy (EA) available for all, the details are in my thread: Free For Life EAs

You are welcome to use it.


Not going to tell people when I open trades.

I tend to average out to $100+ per week per $1k in my account.

Bu I am not going to keep putting in all of my money each time, or not taking out or leaving profits alone.

I protect my account by keeping a cash reserve.

Last year when I made $20k in three months I didn’t even use $10k in my account to trade with.

DM me to get my discord name, but I don’t sell anything, but I like to talk trading. Don’t want to do anything against the rules here.

Not going to be able to keep doing this forever, dude lol.

Not sure you realize how hard this is to actually do. I am not going to be able to keep doing this.