Journal of my personal EA

This is the demo-account forward test of my EA. I personally developed this after learning from more than a hundred different EAs that I have tested since 2008. This is just to share the results of this journey. I have no intention of selling it or giving it away. It’s just for personal use.

I started to run this last December 2020.



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This EA is not developed in 1 sitting. I started 4 years ago. I do it only when I have the time. Countless tests have failed in the past. Finally, I made it stable. Small profits but stable.

So when do you fund an account with your own capital and “forward test” it?

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With this kind of drawdown rate, I will test it more for 3 months. If DD goes higher, I will extend it even more.

Thanks for sharing this! :smiley: Good luuuuuck! :blush:

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

One of the best performances yesterday of additional1%+.

1% profit yesterday. :slight_smile: Yey

Looks like this week is a good week. Positive 1%+ profit again yesterday.

Survived the NFP again with a profit :slight_smile: .

It was a negative day yesterday :frowning: . Let’s see how fast it will recover the loss.

Another good trade :slight_smile: .

1% profit again :slight_smile:

A loss last Friday :frowning:

Yey!!! Gain is now 52.2% :slight_smile: