Journey to the $

How was your journey towards profit within the forex hustle?

I think most traders follow the standard - you do something, you make a mistake, you try again, you draw conclusions, and in the end you come to profit and a more conscious understanding of the market. Am I right?

Or… you make many, many, many mistakes, don’t learn from your mistakes, and blow your account, or three.


You need a plan. No plan, the journey is long and not much fun. Plenty of examples of people leaving trading after many losses and no improvement, sadly.

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Oh now such memories have appeared…
Not simply all this.
So good luck to everyone who is just beginning their journey.

Every trader has its own history.
But frankly speaking, I have not yet met a trader who would immediately come to stability and some incredible profits.
Although, in fact, mistakes can also happen to a trader with huge experience.
This is the market.

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Lmao well that’s encouraging :joy: But also this is the truth! More people need to know that this can be the path you’ll be taking to sucess.

Yeah. Experienced traders make mistakes from time to time. New ones make them all the time.