JPY:when will EUR/JPY stop?


I was wondering does anyone know or have any good doc on how the JPY works. Looking at the EUR/JPY, it has hit the all-time high and it all started rising on 12th June from 161.90 or something.

I was just wondering how much I could have made if I had entered a position at 162 & exited now at 165.70…

Can someone enlighten me pls…
Are you looking to trade when it reverses?


How much you could have made? It all depends on the size of the position. You could potentially retire for the rest of the year with this one trade (but you would have to risk a lot).

So if you traded an equivalent of USD 5Mil you would make +/- $185K on this position. You would have to put up $50K and have even MORE in your account to not get a margin call when position went slightly against you.

U can have a look at this blog for idea about the JPY crosses.

Trading JPY crosses