Just a mama tryna hustle

Just a mama tryna hustle a little extra money every month so I can spend more time at home with my kids. I did take the swag academy about trading and I’m currently on MT4. I was up $1200 at one point making good trades and using the same strategy I lost a lot of trades after that so looking for any tips/tricks anyone may have.

Yeees! :blush: Good luck with your trading and I really hope you succeed for your kids! :blush:

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My suggestion is to analyse why your winning trades were ‘good’ and your losing trades ‘bad’. Always keep a journal. Cut down on your lot size until you feel comfortable that you’re trading well again.

My motto is to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Good luck going forward.

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I’ve always found the word strategy perhaps the most over used term in trading.

Strategy: “What does that mean???”

Does it include the way you enter a trade? IE when X crosses Y and the moon is full in the east and the black ravens sing their song in the evening I will enter the trade.

Or is it " I will only trade the London session on an hourly chart after I have done all my analysis on the daily chart. Or something to that affect."

The problem with so called strategies is that they don’t always work and in some instances they work well for a while and then never work again.

My point for this post is to drive home the fact that as a trader you need to be flexible. You need to be well educated and highly skilled in understanding price action and market sentiment.

If you cannot adapt to the ever changing markets you will eventually lose as your once winning strategy, for want of a better word, fails.



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Same strategy won’t work similarly every time. Need to tweak it around.