Just digging around....found this!

It’s a GUI strat test Forex builder thing…
just having a play around.
may be fun for ppl who cant programme mt4…like me!

Forex Strategy Builder Portable from CNET Download.com

A robot can never think like human.

You know, that’s probably the most contradictory thing in Forex !!!

In most book somewhere it will say don’t trade without a plan, stick to the plan, whatever you do follow the plan!
then the next bit will be robots are no good because they cant adapt to the markets…so much for sticking to the plan.

I personally don’t use robots myself, but this software looks pretty handy for refining a strat.
I was quite surprised with the different results back-testing a quick strat I made with just a couple of pips difference
on the trialling stop.

Most humans aren’t very good at trading forex.

Neither are most robots.

Not the ones you buy for $100.

The human came before the robot…ever heard of GIGO, that’s the only reason why robots fail :slight_smile:

They are just the type of traders who always have to find something to blame. I read traders saying they got too greedy, they got tired, they allowed their emotion to take over and did not stick to the plan, only if I did this and only if I did that I could have made… yada yada. When they didnt stick to the plan and got lucky, they dont complain, they just carry on to boast how good they are (LOL)

Now when their stategy is automated and failed to make profit they then goes robots are no good because it stick to the plan “too” much (LOL again)

Im glad you brought this up, it annoys me when manual traders bash robots and then contradict themselves.

Well, another holly grail! lol