Just starting out

Hi I’m GFunk. I’m here learning from scratch with my partner and we’re both excited about the prospect. We’re in the UK, both have professional jobs. I’m an IT consultant by day. However that time between contracts I feel could be better put learning how to trade. My neighbour is a successful trader (so he tells me) and I was convinced to join IML with his recommended mentor. I still might - but I think before that I should get as much info as possible. Did some googling, heard this place came recommended so here we are. Let’s go!

Losing money in the market is a common matter. You have to make a good plan to deal with your losses. You need to practice more and more to m minimize the risks and make money from this market.

Best of luck. Try the free courses on this site before parting with any money for mentoring.

Welcome here and in the trading arena. Forex is a risky business and losing money is very common so learning is important before investing our valuable money.

As a beginner, forex trading might seem difficult. But as you gain experience and trade regularly, you will know that it is not that difficult. Your experience will help you find the possible options you have in the market. You will also know more about your requirements and work accordingly.