Just want to share a little brightness I'm experiencing

This is my first live account, opened last Sept. with $1000. I had a rough opening… some learning the difference between demo and live, some missed opportunities due to lack of discipline and learning my platform, and a little bad luck… I fell to -15%… but, as you’ll see, at the end of March things started to click for me, the market has been going my way, I’ve been capitalizing on the opportunities that come my way, I’ve gotten a lot more competent about placing my orders to my best advantage, and I’ve been LETTING WINNERS RUN!!!

ALL of these trades are 1% risk or less and with a very few exceptions (emotions, damn them) they have all been executed with a planned entry and exit. This week has been CRAZY good for me… check it out.

Maybe this will help some of my fellow newbs keep the faith, and MAYBE I’m just looking for a pat on the back from people who understand that that curve represents a LOT of time and dedication starting to pay off.

good job. congrats!!! thank you for sharing