Justforex scam 6000$ from me

I am really dissatisfied with the way Justforex works.

On 18 Feb 2021, they sent me an email about stopping cooperating with me.

I really don’t understand why they did that, or what’s going on.

They asked for verification and I also did finish them, but they did not give any additional clear explaination and constantly accuse me.

After many times I emailed them to inquire about this problem but no hope.

They created a fixed balance on my Mt4 Account and say nothing more. They still kept about 6000$ from me. It’s my deposit money, not even the profit money.

I have no way to contact them. Why they keep my money for some claimed fraudulents that I have never done?

Please help me out.

Even if Justforex don’t state what activities they saw which caused them to close your account, you can post the details here of what you were doing and how you were trading.

Just as you expect the company to provide details of what they are saying, so you should likewise provide the members here with details of what you are saying.

I also wonder whether they have sent you other messages in the past. Closing an account is the last resort for a broker - maybe they already warned you in the past about your activities?

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Why are people brigading these anti justforex scam posts here?

If they really scammed you just contact the BBB.

oki, thnks
I’ll try :blush:

@tommor @PhoneticNachos
I and a lot of other people are Vietnamese clients who were fooled by JustForex, so we created a series of articles on the FPA website looking for help. FPA has a public trial, so you can go to the web to track more details about this case, and then vote on whether JustForex is a scam or not. Join us to boycott JustForex. Since I am a new user of babypips, the link cannot be attached here. You can refer to this photo below:

I have just seen in a similar discussion almost the same sentence and the same screenshot. Looks like you guys are seriously attacking Justforex

As I said, I and many other Vietnamese traders are victims of JustForex.
Now we are losing huge amount of money, but JF has absolutely no clear and specific explanation for this.
Put yourself in our place. :slightly_frowning_face:
Now the only thing we can do is to go public about this and avoid other traders being the next victim!