Kiss principle trading

aud and uj

A hard day today so far… :frowning:

Thu 16 Mar 2023 PM S/O +10p :frowning:
After a great day yesterday (200 pps) :slight_smile: I took most of the day off until just now.
We’ll see if this trade works out like yesterday’s. If I have time tomorrow I will post yesterday;s trade (which unfortunately I didnt post on real time :frowning: ) but it can work as a very nice lesson moving forward…

TPs are placed at major lows and 127% fib (not showing above). But I will use the same method I used last night, Trail my stops using the M5 and M1 EMAs 50/100/200.
Hope to create a video of what I have been doing for the past few weeks to increase R:R…and overall profits… :slight_smile:

Fri 17 Mar 2023 AM
Targeting the H2 EMA200, but I will be trailing my stop using either the M1 or M5 EMAs.

USD/JPY… Unfortunately I was very right with the AUD above but I placed my stop far too close and moved it too early so got s/o at b/e by a few pips only to see it take off! BUT, I am on the UJ …

Wed 22/03/23 AM
Currently the UJ is at cross-roads. On one hand it just took off the H2 EMA50 but stopped at the Resistance (previous high) level in the same chart. This is what the market does, if there are two levels of pos res close together it likes going for the highest. I believe this is what is happening here. So if we form at H2 Bear Engulfing at 10:30am (Adelaide Time) then we should be off to the races. I have set up the TPs assuming that the later will happen.

Of course since we are just above the H2 EMA50 it could also act as support and we will lose this trade.

Wait and see…

PM: We got stopped out by about 15pts and a second M30 Div and M5 Div formed. The best entry was at 12:15pm but I was away. Nevertheless, we are trying a second time. IF this time we get stopped out we won’t re-enter short until 133.15

A hard day today. Closed trade.

Fr 24/03/23 AM UJ
We have picked up a M30 Dv and targeting M30 EMA50 as B/E and the H2 M50 as our TP @H2 EMA50
R: 23p
TP: ~120p

UJ PM: After getting S/O at BE, we have re-entered on a TB @M5 plus Divergences…

Mon 27/3/23 PM UJ

Wed 29/03/23 AU AM

Wed 23/03/23 PM UJ