Kiwi Newbie confused and afraid

Hi all
Brand new wannabe trader here from the land of the long white cloud…thats New Zealand for all you non kiwis.
Just finished the skool of pipology and now have to move onto the next phase which is get a demo account.
I looked at forex trading a few years ago and thought it looked like something I would like to try but when I mentioned it to my significant other I got shot down in flames. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I arrive home and find her on the computer and she tells me that she has found this website (babypips) and that maybe we should look into trading forex… I sigh quietly…look up at the ceiling…look back at her and smile and say “gosh that sounds interesting I might have a look at that too, I wonder why I never thought of that”

Anyway now that I have approval I can move forward.


Confused and afraid - every bloke with a wife or girlfriend has felt like that my friend.

But what’s this got to do with forex?


Welcome, Rodami…

You may enjoy reading/contributing to this thread:

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I just had "Kiwi Newbie, but a window came up saying I needed at least 15 characters and that was the first thing that came to mind

She is working through the school of pipology as well and it was looking at babypips that made her realise that it is not the “gamble” that she thought it was, and that if you follow the rules it is a viable way to make money.

We met at work on an oilrig where our job was (and for me still is) to sit in front of 6 or 8 or 10 computer screens watching trends of drilling parameters, drilling mud pit levels, gas levels, MWD data, and so having done this for 18 years I will hopefully have a bit of a head start in recognising patterns and anomalies and trends in forex charts…my partner worked on the rigs for about 5 years before becoming a mum so her eye may be fine tuned as well…time will tell


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That is so true ! :wink:

No worries. You’ll certainly have no trouble finding 15 “characters” on this site. If you know what I mean.

Cheers for now.

My wife forbid me too for trading because its uncertainty,

Now im trading use bonus account, 30$ profit so far

very good. but you withdraw the profit that you earned ? generally there are so many restrictions when it is time to withdraw money from bonuses .

Not yet, maybe till my profit reach 75$,
Yes thats why dont milk ur broker too much

My thought use bonus account is to mentally ready use real money when trading live ,
Read a lot many newbie trader do well at demo but not in his/her live account

And still looking for broker, is regulated australian broker is good?

You are a lucky man. You have gotten permission from the old ball and chain. Please don’t be afraid of forex .Take it by the scruff of the neck. It looks like a scary place but it can becomeyour best friend if you know its trends and the factors that impact it.

Welcome to the community, Rodney! Is your partner also here in the Forums? :grin:

I wish both of you good luck on your trading journey. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome. My partner is also on babypips and has completed the school of pipology. She has started a demo account but hasnt actually made any trades yet.
I have started a demo account with $5000, I dropped to $4900 the first week, made it up to $5100 and then dropped back to $4950, clawed my way back to $5030. and its only been a month:fearful: but really good learning curve. Finding out a few things I shouldnt do and one or two that I should


@Rodami Nice one, Rodney. If you are in the oil business and are in Aberdeen at any point, give me and @BrentJB a shout!!

The main of the forum babypips is to clearify your confusions in a friendly and simple way. Trading does not have any room for the cowards as you have to take risks all the time. If you are a brave person then you will get handy rewards for your risks, for sure. So, keep believing in your abilities!

Hello, welcome to the Babypips forum!
You have nothing to fear, just keep practising and you’ll see yourself improving.

Welcome to Babypips Rodney! You have come to the right place. You’ll get so much to learn here among forex trading enthusiasts. There’s no need to be afraid though, you’ll slowly learn the ropes. I am also relatively new to forex and Babypips has been very helpful to met.

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