With “L” I mean Losers. So I wanna make a compilation of the most common quotes and phrases that losers or people who innevitable will lose it all eventually just tend to say. Here I leve you guys those I can think for the moment.

“If I only catched the trend earlier”

“Why do I need SL, price has to go back where I opened my trade”

“The system needs to collapse for me to lose”

“We are 9 and you are just 1, why do you think you are right?”

“Gold is a safe investment”

“I only need a good strategy”

“Market Maker brokers? You’ve made it up right?”

“Ha ha, you are trading naked…”

“I should just double up on my losses since it is bound to turn my way eventually.”

“Using higher leverage will make me earn money even faster!”

“Wow these backtest results are out of this world! I have found the Holy Grail and never need to work another day in my life!”

“This forex stuff is easy.”