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Hi, have you got your refund?

Hi, have u got your refund?

Hi, please update me on refund i made a mistake of giving them a 10k downpayment but not proceeding on the course and i’m afraid they will make me pay the balance

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LTT Philipines was raided by the local regulator on allegations of unlicensed forex trading but were very quickly cleared of all charges -

Not yet. But they said it’ll be in about 2 months - so I should get the refund by end of September (less 2k fee).

Have you cancelled already? You should do it within 5 business days. Send them email cancellation then surrender any materials given to you. I did that. Though they only replied to my email after 1 week. Make sure to send them follow up emails.

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Hello, kabayan! I attended their “orientation seminar” on SEPTEMBER 6, 2019 but i did NOT avail of their course. I think it is too pricey and I believe they can’t teach you more than what you’ll learn for free around. I also did my research BEFORE the seminar and I found a HUGE number of complaints so i knew then I was not gonna pay a single cent to them.

Also, i kitty think it’s fishy (not the fish cats wuv) how they try to sell you the “lifestyle” instead of the competence and results. My first impression was it was a marketing stint and attending proved me right.

They are continuing to offer “seminars” and “trainings” to this date. They will be here again on the 4th week of October, 2019. Damn these people are suckering in too many newbies. :frowning:

btw kabayans look at this. Good read:

hi were you able to get your refund

I found the original post semi suspect. “I just paid a ton of.money for a course. Who has feedback on it for me?”. What? Sounds backwards. Get the feedback first, then give your money away.

@Yuya006 Hi, how were you able to get a refund? You said you’ll revert your complaint, so im assuming you got your refund, before the complaint reached the LTT. I would like to know how you did it, thank you.

@Yamnjack hello, did you get your refund? How did you send everything back to them? Im also planning on doing that. I have been sending them cancellation emails as well.

@Yamnjack how did you get them to answer your emails? They’re super slow in replying to my emails and I think they’re doing it deliberately until it’s beyond 5 days already, I don’t know… what about the remaining balance, they didn’t ask you to pay the full amount?

@jjjillav hello, did you request for cancellation and refund as well? How did it go?

@Mcarbd hello, how did it go with LTT? Did you get a refund? What happened with the remaining balance, they did ask you to pay the full amount?

In some jurisdictions consumer protection laws allow a “cooling off” period. Within this the client can cancel any contracts entered into, they do not need to prove any fault on the firm’s behalf, they just say I don’t want to proceed. This applies to some services here in the UK for example. Maybe it happened in this case too.

Of course cancellation within the cooling off period is not proof the firm did anything dishonest.

@Yamnjack what email did you use? I have been emailing them but i think it’s being ignored.

Hi i recently attended their free seminar and I initially deposited my P10k last oct 21, however i did not see this post nor the link in reddit prior to depositing and now I would like to have a refund as well, my concern was that after depositing 10k they sent me thru email an enrolment form with the terms and conditions but I did not sign it, however it was indicated in the email that “…in the event that we failed to received the accomplished enrolment form, you will be deemed to have automatically accepted the term and conditons…” note that it was indicated in the T&Cs that I need to make a written request 5 days from that payment date inorder to get a refund, Can anyone help if there’s still a chance I can get my P10k back? And if there is how? Thank you so much in advance for helping

Check the local laws relevant to protection for consumers and relevant to sales claims and advertising and contracts. Check their T&C’s for circumstances under which they would offer a refund or partial refund.

No firm is going to be happy with a consumer who pays a deposit and then does not take up the service agreed to. That’s what deposits are supposed to prevent.

But you might find that if you argue enough they will make a refund even if they have done nothing wrong, simply to preserve goodwill and so that they can get on with their real business with real customers.

Sorry I am a newbie too, but this doesn’t seem a fair refund policy. Even if you open a box and get a look into the secrets…there must be a refund on something you are not happy with. But you need to prove that you havent received the service you expected. I think these rules apply to UK residents. Or look for Consumer Rights pages in your country! That quoted refund statement is hidious!

I would welcome details from a dissatisfied customer to tell us what they were unhappy about. If a firm sells something that is unfit for purpose, they must provide a refund. The worst I have ever heard about this firm is that their products are very expensive. So far I have never heard that they trained someone in a trading strategy that could not work.