Learning about the history of country's economies

Would it be helpful in trading forex to study the history of how a country came to their current economic situation? This probably wouldn’t hurt but how helpful would it be for trading forex?

What exactly do you want to know?

Academically interesting perhaps but not for trading IMO.

I mean I don’t think that would hurt lol that’s a good idea.


Guess it’s really a good idea.

Well, learning history is good. As a history bacaleur I can’t have other opinion :smiley: But in general, it won’t give you advantages in trading.

In this quarantine I think it is a good idea to learn a little more about this.

I don’t know if this is a direct need, but for the general development and in order to better navigate the events, you can do a more in-depth study of this issue, in any case, I think it is better to do what is convenient for you.

I think that any knowledge that is related to politics and economics will always be useful, so if you feel that it can help you - then of course study new information, maybe it will help you to define stronger levels or better navigate through news events.

I am very afraid of this situation

Once I started to study the U.S. economy for this reason, because I decided that I would work purely with the dollar and gold, I can say that my set of assets has already become much larger, but the knowledge that I received then helps me to this day.

Well, it’s certainly a serious approach, maybe it’s worth a try, I haven’t even thought about it, but it can really come in handy, at least you can not go into details, and study the situation over the past ten years…

Of course, it’s not such a simple question, because the history of all assets you will not study, it’s too time consuming, it turns out that you will become a real theorist.
And deep study of only one asset will not help you anything!

Not true - first back up to the thread title and let’s see if anything can be learned that could be applied to right now.

Why is it that the DB is anti QE - why would the market view actions or words from the largest economy in the EZ have an effect on Eur/Usd

Hint: Weimar Republic, between 1921 and 1923 and talks from Jens Weidmann 2020

Hi peterma, do you have any books you recommend?

Apologies g - I’ve learned history over the years from that many sources. Nowadays some good youtube history content.

Btw - see how I was referring to DB being anti QE - Deutche Bank being German and it’s their history between 1921 and 1923 - hyper inflation - wages were being transported in lorries - by the time workers received it the value had depreciated even more.

Thus the decision by the German court in the last few days that states QE is a big no - mostly expected by the market on account of history.

Guess that it is a good idea because when you will read the history about country’s economies you can note some useful tips. I mean that you awill be able to see which events might strongly influence the economy of a particular country. You know that history always repeats itself, so when you see the similar event which is happening with the economy of this country you can easily manage your risks while trading and don’t let your account goes negative. But it’s not worth doing in case you don’t want to dive into trading. This activity can become a useful addition to your existing knowledge about economy.