Learning= Earning

After my little thread about not being afraid I have found my new search is gaining momentum. What I done next was trawled through youtube videos to find hints and tips to improve my trading while there I came across and subscribed to tradeartist and while watching the gentleman divulged a book called Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Robert D. Edwards and John Magee so as I am currently not as well off as I should be in a few years time I searched the internet tirelessly for a free copy of this tome which took roughly 24hrs to find a free copy in pdf. format but I AM GLAD I DONE THIS AS IT TURNS OUT THAT THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER TO LEARNING TRADING ok little exaggerated but you can get the point that I’m trying to make that if there was anything that could help a newbie like myself learn how to earn a profit it would be something that stems from the core of trading before computers and the ninth edition covers those aspects too so I shall leave you all with this link to help you on your way too. http://phoenixacademy.co/ebooks/ta.pdf

Happy pippin everyone

Looks like an ad.
Wait, I don’t get, why is it so good and is it trustworthy enough?

No it’s not an ad I felt inclined to give people on here a resource that has stood the test of time I would rather learn something for free and think everyone should have the same opportunity

Personally I think street smarts is better than book smarts for home speculators. But the equation is still the same. Except that learning curve is 4 to 6 years before the earnings start to appear

Learning is very much necessary to make good earning. So always try to learn forex first and then go to open an demo account with your broker and get some practice and experience. This experience would help you a lot to make money in real account in future trading.

I agree with you bobbillbrowne, I did 4 years stock options didnt really liked it, then it took me 6 years to get forex profitable for me.

I do definitely agree that trading education should always be on the first place for beginner, and I am glad you find something to educate your self. I just think that we shouldn’t jump in conclusions to early. Once you get the results from it than we can talk about how good this is.

Learning is necessary in every field of life but in forex trading it is more important than other fields. You have to go through a series of learning in different steps at different times. Learning is more tedious in forex market.

You can always benefit from learning something new. If it fits in your trading system, great! If not, learn something else.

Hi peeps and pips

Well I have done 8 days after torturing myself with deep thinking and hard bookworming
lmao and I am pleased to say like the title reads it has paid off so here we go Tuesday 1st of march was my first day and to be fair I didn’t have much faith in myself and ended up -£740.80 but as we are taught trading isn’t just about skill it’s also about a mindset giving up because of what happens isn’t how the like of bill lipschutz and warren buffet made it so Wed 2nd £50 Thur 3rd £80 I’m now using a my own rules with the bollinger bounce system and then Fri 4th I hit the mother load £5158.40 so my weekend had me smiling all the time but as we know it is also about being consistant so I started of my week Mon 7th £128.6 Tue 8th £5562.70 and Wed 9th £1174 oh and my maximum losses where at the beginning when I wasn’t following rules or the system I am more than happy now8 days and £14211 up is not bad if I do say so myself