Learning MT4 and how to do a trade

So I downloaded and installed MT4 and discovered I got a Demo Account with the download plus $10,000 of play money. So after tinkering with the new software for a while learning how this worked and that works, finally figuring how to change the colors of the candlesticks. Then it was time to tinker with how to actually place an order and discovered that I didn’t need to worry about Stop/Loss primarily I guess I am not actually dealing with a broker? So Take/Profit was all I really needed to fill out. And today I took my first Profit about $5.43. Just had to tell somebody.

Every success begin from first step :slight_smile: keep it up :+1:

Congrats on your win!

On your no SL thought, this might being interesting for you to read. Stoploss or no stoploss is definitely debateable.

And from the school

good luck!

Gratz, you can keep learning from the education tab or find an online forex course. Good luck