Learning new strategies

I agree but I was hoping that if he at least dips his toes using an easier route, that might be his gateway to a more thoughtful trading process. Of course the risk there is he doesn’t grow but idk if that’s better than having them never even try it out? :woman_shrugging:

I love trend trading strategy, and I have started practicing it, if you are an expert and you knows how to trade and profit with the trends, please contact me. Let us talk

True; Price Action doesn’t mean only the pattern based trading; it’s all about the whole chart! And of course, it takes time to learn!

You can check out the trading system I’m currently testing here on babypips.

Lol. No one is an expert when it come to trading. We are all learning and we keep learning till we grow old

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You should fix one strategy and follow it for long term. Changing or using multiple strategies can lead to losses. So always have one strategy and continue it.


True! no one can say confidently that he/she is pro when it comes to trading, doesn’t matter how many years of experience they have.

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