Learning the basics

Hello all you good people
I’m sure all you guys started somewhere where I am now, just a thought in my mind, to learn a new skill with potential profitability and excitement. With lock-downs and curfew in this corona virus times i spend the time perusing learning, choosing a broker to register with,and making real actual participation in a whole new world of forex trading.
Thanks for the invite into the forum

Cheers to you all[date=2020-04-27 timezone=“Africa/Nairobi”]

Glad to read you’re using this time to learn new skills! Are you going through the school of pipsology here? :slight_smile:

Hello Mughendi! Now is the best time to spend our quarantine life learning. Take it one step at a time. Good luck and hope you’re enjoying it!

Sure I am. Presently at elementary level, and loving it. Taking baby steps one at a time.

This pandemic has created great opportunities for obtaining new skills. Good work.

May the force be with us all. That will be JESUS for me. That and the metaphysical energy that the universe allows us to be unlimited… seriously