Learning to b independent in trading

I want to learn beginning basics and trading!

Hello, yes you are in the right place. Babypips has good resources for newbies to learn. You can start your learning journey with this website. Happy learning.

Best place, I think everyone even just a little interested in Forex should do the School of Pipsology.
It’s a great ground level education :slight_smile:

You can learn forex from a demo account.

I agree with the others. :blush: If that’s what you wanna do, then you’re in the best place. :blush: If you’re going through the school and you just have any question, go ahead and just ask. :blush: Haha. Good luck!

Learn basic trading and apply it in a demo account to gain practical knowledge.

Keep in mind that, all knowledge is useless without practice.

School of Pipsology is the best place to learn the basics of forex trading. Just don’t stop your learning process here, keep exploring and practice on a demo account for as long as you can.

Learning is a continues process. You can learn from the educational section of this site.