Learning to know forex

Hello…I’m new and beginner to forex …I want to meet people who have vast knowledge n can spare time to put me through forex and help me win as much…Thank you



i would start here:-

and after that, when you’ve learned enough to identify and formulate questions to which the answers will directly help you (which will take probably a few weeks) start looking through this part of the forum:-

you’ll find almost all your questions were asked and answered before, especially if you use the “search” function to look

after that, just ask what you still need to know, and people will post replies to help you

good luck!


[quote=“bigsamofficial, post:1, topic:1090601”]
I want to meet people who have vast knowledge n can spare time to put me through forex and help me win as much

I can guarantee, if I showed you my profitable strategy, you wouldn’t follow it. Mainly because my Zen mindset is not yours. You are on your own competing against more experienced traders, 80% of whom are not profitable, because they don’t protect their account, from high risk exposure. That’s the reality.

FX trading is not what social media would have you believe. Most people lose,not win.

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Hi and welcome to the community! You will enjoy and learn so much from all the free materials here. Good luck on your trading journey.

learning is an inevitable part of trading , no way to deny , but besides this it is more appropriate to make sure perfect practice session . otherwise the result of trading can be useless.

Hey there! You’re in a community with people who love to trade, learn, and grow together. Enjoy the ride!

welcome to this forum. learn from school and be active on a practice account . good luck , have a very good journey

Hmmm. :thinking: Rather than other people “putting you through” forex, you can do it here at your own timing! :blush: Maybe it would be a great start to try out the school here and maybe ask if there’s anything that’s confusing for you. :blush:

Welcome to the community, @bigsamofficial. Folks around here are pretty friendly. Have you gone through the education section here? You can start with that. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

you have chosen the best education site in online , just be educated from there by learning. dont hurry when studying from pips school. happy learning.

Learn from Psychology of school + trading in a demo account = the best combination for the beginners to acquire exact basic knowledge and experience.

common advice but effective for newcomers level.