Let`s start seriously!

I really start to believe the simplicity is the key.Just a clean chart and good eyes!

I think for me indicators don`t work well. They really confuse me instead of helping me.

I really need to say thanks to @QuadPip for the videos he recommends me. In only a week I improve so much and i gain a lot of confident, i just need to find the consistency.

Can I just ask you people what is your % of winning trade in yours strategies?


Glad to be of help.

You will find consistency in time. Learning to read market structure takes a little more work and practice than merely plotting and following indicators. Once you begin to get comfortable with it you will be able to spot key information at a glance and trading will become much easier. You will also be able to improve your win rate to 80% and higher in time. Just don’t give up the effort even when you feel like you’re not progressing. At intervals, you will see a jump in your level of understanding as you keep at it and practice diligently. These intervals vary from person to person.

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May I ask anyone here how to make the right calculation of winning rate of a strategy?

@FOREXunlimited is always ask that to people

Avg winner
Avg loser
Max drawdown
Sharpe ratio
Risk of ruin

How can I calculate that?

Just getting ready when I will put my strategy here and he will ask that. :sweat_smile:

A simple google search and a bit of effort will get you your answers :slight_smile:

I am redirected from a different thread to here.

Nice motivation @QuadPip


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You’re trading live right? May I ask how much you’re starting with? :slight_smile:


Yes i`m trading live but with very small money. My account is 50£. But i still thinking is better then a demo because even if little money, they still my money so i care about them. I trade since 5/6 months and i my account went from 50£ to 29£. Since the last couple of weeks I think i found my trading process and i start to became consistence. I actually got the account up to 38£ and trust me I feel over the moon!

You need to focus on the process and forget about the money. Try to think in % rather then money.

Once I will become consistence and profitable with confidence I will definitely work with more money.

I still not an expert but i can see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

I think the most important thing is stay in the game and never give up even if sometimes is a bit difficult!

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Amen! And good for you that you’re still treating demo trading as if it’s your own money! I didn’t have that attitude and just decided I was willing to lose a small amount of money so it feels real. Good luck and I hope we continue to stay profitable!