Let the journey begin!

eager to start this journey ! and increase our wealth!!!

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Good luck!
Are you trading in the live market now?

Maybe you could give me a clue how you’re going to increase your wealth as (presumably) a total newbie without any experience? The FX Garden of Eden has no golden apples, just an empty fountain waiting for you to toss in a few coins.

Apologies for my sentiment, I blame social media marketing hype fantasy land for offering untold riches every day if you follow them.

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Welcome to babypips and best of luck

Good luck! Study hard!
I hope I’m not bursting your bubble. But, forex is easy until you find out it’s not.

I encourage you to focus on Pipsolology.

Welcome to the trading community. First complete Babypips school. Secondly read quality books on trading. Not just the books with different strategies. Read also about discipline and psychology. Observe charts a lot. Choose a single pair. Try to find different candle patterns. You will find some unique characteristics of the pair. Slowly you will be able to make your own strategy.

Hi! This site is super helpful, hopefully it will get you started on the right foot. Good luck!