Let's Quit Smoking Together

It’s been I don’t know three months or more that I am not smoking cannot remember, but I guarantee you it was not done willingly and sometimes I still want a smoke. It all started one week when I was so bussy, between work and entertainment, events and my own stuff, suddenly i’ve realized i spent a whole week without smoking. Anyway I cannot keep myself occupied all the time so I decided to make a journal about it, counting how many days I was able to remain without smoking. The week after it was horrible, didn’t had the overeating sindrome but i was having the “depersonlaizing” sindrome wich is when you feel nothing is real, also i was feeling so lazy upto the point that i was paralized. Abstinence syndrome is different in each individual by the way. But in time i had the tight chest pain less intense, i still have it, it is normal when you switch form air conditioned enviroment to extremly hot enviroment, here normally is extremely hot. ANyway after 5 weeks and so I stoped counting because it was not funny anymore but I can resist the temptation a little more, even when somebody else blows the smoke on my face. But for now I just try to avoid people who smokes, wich is the big majority. It’s kinda funny thinking backwards how my life ran arround cigarettes, i was pendant on having enough to survive during the day.

Anyway, for those who quited or wanna do so, I urge to share whatever you do to quite or trying to quit. My point here is, it affects your life and obviously your trading, nicotine plummets your judgement and you get used to make terrible desitions and you become more anxious and it leverages the negative feelings and when you don’t get your dosis you become a smouldering volcano waiting to explode and it does each time you make a bad trade. I don’t know but since I quited, my trading has improven.


Congratulations! I hope you continue smoke free !

I still recommend everyone who wants to quit smoking the book “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” by Allen Carr. It helped me as well as my friends and colleagues to quit smoking almost without any regrets.
For now I’ve been a smoker free for about 3 years.

Still free of it. Something that helps is to search articles about the goodness of quiting, something to remind you why have you decided to halt the smoking habbit.

I google some “lung cancer images” when I feel that I should light up. That works every time.

That too, though I prefer to see it as something i would be free off instead of something I could get.

Way to go, Mr Gone! I think it’s awesome you’ve gone 3 months and you are past the biggest hurdle. YOU CAN DO IT!

I smoked my last cigarette on July 24, 2010. Prior to that point I had tried just about everything…patches, gum, hypnosis, acupuncture, cold turkey. I then discovered the electronic cigarette, and switching to one of those has been my “Holy Grail”.

I am still using the electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking “analog” cigarettes, but I’ve been able to reduce my nicotine intake significantly from 18mg/ml to 6mg/ml, and I no longer inhale the over 4000 different and dangerous chemicals produced by burning tobacco and paper. You can even get refills for these with 0 nicotine.

I needed a crutch to stop smoking cigarettes completely and still need a crutch to stay smoke free. I hope you are one of those that don’t need a crutch, but if you do this is an alternative you should look into.

as a dumber than most ex smoker I quit twice once after 10 years of smoking and than 7 years later started up again and have quit now for 6 years. It was a lot harder the second time to quit but believe me it was a lot harder the second time around

My only two bits of advice are

  1. It is never going to be any easier than right now to quit.
  2. he desire to have a cigarette will go away whether you have a cigarette or not - true story

The problem with all little pleassures, food, alcohol, sex, etc; is that we don’t really enjoy it, we feel excitement by getting not by testing it. So there is a controversial therapy used with drugadict wich is allowing them to use their drugs but in controlled doses and gradually they learn thay they’ve been injecting themselv with just water.

Maybe with smoking you can switch to Cuban Cigars, it is still harmful and addictive but the price of it will force you to enjoy it and by doing so you will reduce the habbit dramatically.

true, i still have the desire to have a cigarrette nearby

it does get easier

We all quited smoking last year! The one that starts again has to pay a monthly dinner, till the time he stops again!

We are screwed then, ha ha.

we thought so too, but so far we all (4) do well for over 10 months.

Keep it up, Mr Gone.
It seems smoking has it’s personal attachement problems, but also is a cultural issue. Most people get started with peer pressure in high school. (everybody else is doing it). Then you get “hooked”.
It’s crazy how your body can become “dependent” on something like that. I mean, when you step back and think about it, doesn’t it sound a little silly to light a fire of leaves and breathe the smoke? And yet, that doesn’t get in our way when we want to do something, (like smoke).
I personally have never smoked, and I absolutely hate the smell, it’s so revolting. My mother smoked in high school and college, but she quit as soon as she got out, and by the time she had me a few years later, she hated the smell herself, so, if you keep up the success of staying clean for long enough, your body will naturally revert to hating it, too.

A good analogy of this is soda pop. Everybody drinks it, and I’m not saying anything bad about it, here. I, BTW, don’t think we need things like higher taxes and laws about soda size or tobacco. But, anyways, if you stop drinking soda for a month, and only drink water (no juice, no milk, nothing but water and no sugary foods.), your body will get used to it, and the next time you try to drink a pop, you’ll spit it out, because the sugar taste will be so strong, it’ll gross you out. It’s the same thing.

Congrat that you did it. I still dont know what you feel when you smoke . I never smoke >.<


I wish I could do it too.

I don’t know what happened (might be the book was badly printed) but I’m a smoker once again :frowning:
Now thinking about nicotine patches.

i smoke cigars, they aren’t as bad

As long as you don’t inhale you’ll be fine.