Lever loose strategy and trading school

hi take a look at this video and tell me what you think about it : YouTube - Forex 300 Pips everyday 65000,-USD in 2 Months

[B]Somebody’s lever is definitely loose. That’s for sure.[/B]

Haha what a funny video:D Was it made by a retarded chimp?

I especially liked the misspelling of “started” which was spelled "startet"
The piss poor video quality wasn’t far behind though.

Yeah, probably a future Warren Buffet that guy (or chimp)

i dont know what you mean guys, this strategy makes over 800 pips last week and last 2 days more then 300 i feel good and thank you if you’re be happy and laugh with me :wink:

Really? :eek:


I wonder how many pips it will make you lose in the long run?!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :rolleyes:

i like the long run because the trend is youre friend, with this strategy shows the signal where you must set youre stot and entry and when you must change from buy to sell, because there is one rule whats important" the market give you back what he take from you ":wink:

Yes the “trend is your friend” but…I like to think of the market as a female…sometime as a B**CH…

I especially like people who talk about trading but don’t know the difference between “loose” and “lose.”

we are not in school here to wrighting we speak about trading i’m not specialist in wrighting i’m specialist in trading

Well jJR, try and think about this for a minute or two: We think in words so doesn’t it follow that if we don’t know the proper meaning of our words then it’s harder to think properly? Furthermore, if you misuse or misspell words then your correspondents may not understand you.

A specialist in trading??? :confused:

And you pick this rubbish!!


:eek: :eek: :eek:

i think everybody know how he can see im specialist in trading or not i know what i am

For Heaven’s sake jJR. Can’t you see that your poor spelling and grammar has already resulted in you being taken less seriously as a trader than if you were otherwise? If you’re not too proud to take advice then my advice is that you go back to school to learn English. That’s my last word on the subject.

sorry, i dont understand why youre so angry i make 51 pips now in EUR/USD i feel like YouTube - A successfullday in stock exchange

That rule is flat out idiotic. The market will NOT always give back what it takes. That line of thought goes along with the often thought noob sentence, “what goes up must come down.” The market does not obey the law of gravity.

If you stay in a losing trade and don’t cut your loss, or take a stupidly large loss, because you think the market will inevitably swing back, you are sorely mistaken.

Also, about, “the trend is your friend.” Yes, yes it is. But, you must be able to spot what is an actual trend and not just momentary, strong movement. The market does not always trend as some think. Yes, forex is one of the strongest trending markets, but it does not always trend. It also goes into long ranges and tight consolidations, that can last a while and be whippy and hard to spot when they are really over.

If what this guy is cooking is working for you great, but don’t bank on it working all the time. Also, if you are still in demo and opened a 50K demo account, get out of fantasy land and try it with a live account, I can almost guarantee your results will be different. It’s the difference between a playstation driving game and actually driving a car.

P.S. Sorry, but consistent poor grammer and spelling, does make a post look like it’s written by a moron.