hi there,

perhaps it is a stupid question, but what is leverage?
i see this word all the time but dont know what it means (in forex terms)

For what you need to know, contact [U]rhodytrader[/U].

He can help and then some.

Besides talking with John (rhodytrader) you might also want to check out our lesson on Leverage to get you started! Good luck!

ok thnx,
not knowing the word makes me look a bit like a newbie.
For 6 months now i am trading on my real account.
The platform i work on does not work like that, there is nothing about leverage, buying lots …
I just have to sell or buy and put a value of at least 1 euro/dollar.
I can put min exit and max exit or close when i want to.
Thats why i did not know the meaning of it al untill i discovered this forum.

btw, i’m learning a lot here

sorry for my bad english

Simply stated, leverage is the use of borrowed funds to take a larger position than you could have with only your own money.