List of best regulated brokers

Ah, thanks for this. I just had a live chat with customer support, IG is basically a NDD broker.


There is no such thing as an “NDD” broker. It’s just marketing jargon.

Every retail broker has a dealing desk because it has to take the opposite of your trade. Of course, they can source the quotes that they display to you from third parties and also hedge their trade with another counterparty, but for you, they are still your dealer.

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Oh I referred this site: IC Markets vs IG Head-To-Head Broker Comparison For 2021 it’s mentioned that ig is a market maker. Thanks for correcting me.

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I knew for the fact that NDD is basically either ECN, DMA or STP, but since they didn’t want to claim themselves as ECN broker, so it is fair to keep it as NDD broker. Thanks for the link, tho. Appreciate that!

Ah no issues. :+1:

Since they are always your counterparty, all retail forex brokers are market makers. They “make a market” for you to bet on FX rate fluctuations.

This is all explained here in our lesson, What Are You Actually Trading In Forex?

There’s no such thing as an “ECN broker”.

The reason why is explained in the lesson, Where Are Retail Forex Traders Actually Trading?

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IC Markets are offshore if you are not living in Australia.

avatrade are complete scammers

Oh? How so?

I haven’t really heard negative stuff about them, what went wrong?

I know many stories of withdrawals taking 3-4 days, sometimes longer and some people never getting withdrawals at all!

all the same, there are many more brokers on such a list, if you look for it, there are reliable options from new companies

Just came across this thread, pretty informative. Just wanna know which one is the best for scalping out of these?

oops! my friend has just opened an account with them, thanks for the warning, I’ll let him know. Will update if any such incident happens with him too.

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Fxview and XM are some nice options for scalping.

Yes be good to know how they are these days.

I usually check out on new brokers by comparison, but this thread has just done that for me, so thanks for compiling. How is etoro?

Wanted to update a couple of things:

  • Stocks and Islamic accounts available in Fxview now.
  • Want to add eToro, FBS to the list.

Can’t edit the thread seems like, anyone here how we can edit the original post?

Never tried them but have a friend using them and he says it’s good for stock trading.

That’s actually good news, will check. Thanks for sharing @no_frame.

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