List of best regulated brokers

Good to hear this as even I agree with you that the consistency is very important while trading in forex. In general, no matter how successful a trader one can be, learning should never stop in order to succeed in the market.

@emmaforbes What other qualities help you to keep moving besides consistency? since it must be challenging to maintain consistency all the time, right?

Definitely, it can be quite challenging for me to maintain my consistency in trade. But I try to make an effort to remain upbeat.
From my perspective, I think consistency and optimism go hand in hand. Also, it helps the fact that I try to maintain a strict eye on my trading mistakes so that I won’t repeat them.
Plus staying up with market news, especially major market events helps.

@emmaforbes I appreciate your thorough explanation. I’ve kept a trading journal to keep track of my mistakes, and I’ve recently started looking for market news on a regular basis, which is really helpful.
Also, could you please tell me which broker you use and why?

@einnar_345 Recently went live with aaafx. Started with $100 on a live account. To be frank, it was quite a nerve-wracking experience to place the first trade, but I managed to make a small profit.

@emmaforbes Oh, that sounds great I will also check them out!

Good list, especially the latter they have good track record. Would have considered them if not that forex chief have been really good securing my funds, I value this more than anything. So I’ll continue to stick with them for now.

Thanks for sharing the post, I am going to give some of the brokers a try on demo.

Apart from regulations what are other factors you consider while choosing a broker?

I paid attention to minimum deposit, spreads, and commission fee. Found fxview and pepperstone meeting these conditions, good experience so far.

@jaksonmor For me, spreads and commission are quite important in playing a role in my trading choice.

I am using IG now . Trade execution is good , deposit abd withdraw is fast for me (3 days at max) .
Now I am tryibg alice account and will update.

One of main drawbacks when you become customer tge chatting system deactivated and you forced to use emails or phone to call which will be very slow responding during emergency.
They know that you are customer by stored cookies . As soon you start login they remove chat icon on lower side corner

Ther reset is fine as long as you know what you do


@StarterTrader2022 I hear so many good things about IG, especially with their trading conditions, super disappointed about customer support tho. Hope they will improve in that one. Thanks for sharing.

That usually doesn’t happen, if the chat feature is there, then it’ll remain there. Haven’t faced any such issue with the brokers I used. Have you tried a different browser or used a private window?

Good info on this thread! I am a learner myself and was wondering if copy trading is something I should try - to learn by observing pro traders. Are there any regulated platforms offering such services?

@MixedFlash It’s a great way to start as a beginner, you can also network with expert traders which will in some way or the other help you in learning. And of course yes, there are regulated copy trading platforms- you can try zulutrade. Many brokers listed above support this platform. So, you also get plenty of choices in selecting a broker if you have not yet opened your account.

Is it okay to go live with two brokers at the same time? Or should I first create a demo account with those two brokers just to test them one by one to see which one is better? Can anyone tell me what is a good approach?

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it’s a good idea

Yeah, you should create a demo with both brokers and test the trading conditions. Btw, may I know which brokers are you considering trading with?

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@JannikHofmann Planning to try these brokers mentioned in the OP - fxview, etoro, or maybe fxpro.
Any suggestions from your end?