List of best regulated brokers

@slade_456 Considering today’s scenario BTC is up by 1.66%. It has also seen good performance in the past few weeks and in the future. I think you should go for it also don’t forget to check out brokers’ trading conditions before going live with them.

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I appreciate your suggestion, buddy. Started trading few days ago and it is going well.

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MT4 for sure. II can even call it “classics”

Even I use mt4, it’s pretty easy to use with my hands on it.

Do you think apart from the regulation of the broker… the experience of the broker in the industry also matters?

Yes, imo brokers with a long time in the industry have good competitive experience and also provide quality services, expertise, and support to clients. I wouldn’t be surprised if many traders prefer to trade with them.

I feel broker’s trading conditions also play up an important role in trading! To find a reliable broker, I usually check what other users have to say about them. This will give me some thing to think and discuss.

Well the field of trustworthy and reliable forex broker is sparsely populated because devil hides in details, namely execution in times of price momentum (where scalping gains are mostly concentrated), many brokers fail to offer good execution at those times, but I’d advice to try Hotforex or Tickmill, their conditions for scalping is satisfactory.

You know if they take US traders off the top of your head?

Y’all have been giving me good insight on this. I will keep them in a mind. Thanks a lot.

You can’t. They don’t accept clients from the US.

Are there any hidden fees or charges that I should be aware of while choosing a broker?

Is there a way to pass by this restriction for U.S traders? I think with fake ID and VPN it should work to trade but withdrawal could get more hassle.

For the sake of legality, I really wouldn’t recommend doing something that put you under a high risk, where you will land into trouble in future.

Not sure about the hidden charges but there are some extra charges which you need to be aware of before opening an account. Some fees to look out for like inactivity fees, rollover charges, and withdrawal fees. I am sure there are more. It’s important to read the broker’s terms and conditions carefully and to ask their support questions if anything is unclear.

These are all insignificant fees what you should focus on is to prevent loss from trading itself. Other fees are managed easily.

Hi all, new to trading and currently in Demo mode. After trying several brokers and platforms, I’ve been using and prefer Plus 500 as my demo account.
Any pros and cons using them as a live account?

How long have you been demo trading?

Nearly 1 year

Update :slight_smile:

  1. after more than 4 months I used IG market Real and Demo and I can tell that IG market is trustable for beginner . But you need to run you EA on demo to ensure it is will work on real without any trouble and many times you need to modify it to work on alive account
  2. For people who care : I dont advise you to do backtest , instead you save all tick Ask and bid with tick time on csv , then use you coding skill to backtest you strategy on vba excel or python or any other coding languages , MT back tester is rubbish and useless and give misleading results . This way will save a lot of time for you , and the results will be same as real too
    Good luck for all