List of Brokers - TO NOT USE - The Scammer List

Look at it the other way - you’ve basically paid for a lesson. A bitter one, but a lesson none the less.
Experience is valuable.

1 Like is a SCAM don’t bother going there, it uses a robot to trade and skew the price against the direction you traded. And furthermore, if you look at your chart after leaving it open for some time, then refresh it, you will notice the prices on the chart are different from when before you refreshed. So either the system auto tweaks the prices the moment you place a trade, or uses a trading robot.

Yeah this gonna be nice lesson for you and for other newbies.

Matte, i guess every broker who offer binary options is a scam… don’t you think so?

BECFD is a big scam. I had a balance of over 15,000 and they will not let me withdraw as I have a credit of 1,650 on my account which they put there. They say I have to trade that off first but do not tell me how. I have traded to try and get it off but whether I make profit or loss the credit does not change. They also place trades which wipes out most of my account and then reverse the trade but only after I have deposited again and again. Trying to get a fraud investigation going.

The FCA recently issued a warning against them for being unregulated and a possible scammer. There seems to be plenty of other people who can’t withdraw their money from them, unfortunately. I am so sorry you’re going through this.

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The regulatory agency responsible for financial services in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has recently added another company to its ever-growing list of warnings.

This time, the firm in question is Coperstone, which is incorporated on the Island, but isn’t affiliated with the local watch dog. The firm has recently obtained the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission’s “Dealer in Securities” license. This is a regulatory regime under which a lot of shadier companies register. The minimum capital required for this license is $2,000, which makes them an attractive destinational watchdog.

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Not only FCA warns about that. Austria’s financial markets and services regulator FMA has warned that Forex broker BECFD is not licensed to carry out banking operations in the country. In essence, this means the company cannot operate in Austria. You can read all article here.

BECFD is a total scam, better to keep away from it. The company is not licensed in any countries, and there is no regulatory body that monitors its activity to ensure it sticks to best practices.

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The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘CySEC’) officially warned investors that Efexa1000 is not authorized to provide investment services in the country. According to the regulator, The Company does not hold a CySEC license and is not related to Cypriot Investment Firm Instant Trading EU Ltd., as it claims.

“The Company, through its website claims to be part of the Instant Trading EU Ltd. group, which is licensed (License No. 266/15) and regulated by CySEC, while it has no relationship with the CIF,” stated the Cypriot financial watchdog in the notice.

Great…another scammer in the list. What annoys me is that due to these lying statements on the scam brokers’ websites, we need to check with the regulators if the chosen brokers are really regulated by them. This takes time and sometimes if the regulator did not update his list on time, could lead to some misunderstandings. And we can’t do anything about it…

In this article public can find the list of illegal or the brokers who scam the general public and fraud with them causing their investment to fall down infact causing it to liquidate these kind of article are worth sharing and reading to help the people save them from scam.

TopStepFX is a Scam(bucket) forex broker.

They promised to fund my account with USD 100,000.but instead defrauded me of USD 250.
They run a demo account where they automatically deduct USD 125 each month from your account until your fulfill their 5 ridiuculous rules.
If your fail any of their rules you are to activate your account with USD 50.

In addition, the unregulated broker PROFIFOREX, changed its MT4 platform to MUIOBUS which I can’t trade with.

The managers of this broker need to look into this.

Another scammer - Richmond Investing

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht – BaFin) has ordered UB4Trade to cease offering cross-border proprietary trading services to German investors.

UB4Trade is a binary options broker, operated by Finatex Ltd. – a company registered in the UK. Actually, BaFin has already ordered the other brand of the company, Crypto Capitals, to cease to cease operations and stop offering its services in Germany earlier this month.

The same company has also been blacklisted by the Danish and New Zealand financial regulators.

Have someone heard anything about a broker called My Trade MM, I think MM stands for Mira Market?

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) added to more unregulated brokers to its warning list: Easy FX Trade and TradeBNP. According to the regulator, neither of them is authorized to provide financial services in the UK, but they are nonetheless targeting local investors.
More specifically, the FCA has exposed Easy FX Trade (Easy Trade Global) as a clone of major forex broker Hantec Markets, which is indeed licensed to operate in the UK.
As for TradeBNP, apparently they falsely claim they have an FCA license.