List of pip spreads in different places?

Hi all, I am very new to the forex thing, so if anything I write down doesn’t make sense please forgive me.

I have been playing the forex trading game over at, and they have a pip spread that changes based on the state of the market it seems, ranging from 4-6 pips taken per trade made today at least. This has been a pretty stiffling amount to a new trader such as myself, so I was wondering if anyone had a list of pip spreads offered by other places (and preferably other trading games), and the requirements in terms of the investment to get those rates. I would have made so many pips with a smaller spread :smiley:

Also, are there brokers that don’t charge you in the form of pips per trade period? All I have looked at so far is oanda, which suggested that this was the usual way brokers make money.

I don’t have a list but I can tell you that I compaired over a dozen brokers and noone has a cheaper spread than Oanda on the majors or crosses. Noone allows you to trade with the flexibility of Oanda. Oanda may have the smallest leverage 50-1 but that is all you should ever need, atleast starting out. Just go to google, and seatch for “fx broker comparison” and you will see that noone has a 1.5 pip spread on EUR/USD or a 2 pip spread on USD/JPY.

Not to mention most brokers only allow you to demo trade for 30 days but Oanda is as long as you want.

First of all Forex is not a thing its DA THING! lol :slight_smile:
Second, spreads variate from pair to pair, every pair has its own bid and ask(in some cases offer) diffrence(the diffrence basicly is the spread) As an example you look at one pair description, you would see something like this: Euro/USD Last Bid Offer high low 1.3210 1.3208 1.3211 (todays highest price) (todays lowest price) Last-is the price from the last market move You might notice that the offer/bid is higher/lover than the bid/offer by 3 pips AND THAT IS THE SPRED, so no mather whatever you sell or buy, you allways have a spread following you! Dont foreget every pair has its own spread for exaple the brocker i use the spread is 3 pips(as it is shown in the example) for EUR/USD, 5 pips for GBP/USD, the list goes on! I hardly belive theres a broker that hold no spred, i think the most small spread i know is Oandas eur/usd 1.5p spread!

Oanda’s execution is ok during news, you just have to watch out for widened spreads. Sometimes that can be harsh depending on the volatility. They also widen at certain times outside of news. For example, at the time of writing towards the end of the US session, the spread on gbp pairs is widened about 0.5 pips.

A quuote from an other forum…WHAT??? The spreads are “liquid” in Oanda?

Thanks so much :slight_smile: I never did understand what the last bid/offer/high etc. meant until now.

I am pretty sure the oanda spreads are liquid, they have a list showing their spreads on different days for the last week for example, with them taking more pips on the weekends usually.