im pretty sure they will be catching on, all eyes on btc, russia and china are working on stopping the sudden incline in prices, many economies are freaking out, and it seems no one can stop this train from moving forward lol

Thank for the link, I think this broker should add Bitcoin into asset list asap. Most broker are trying to catch the market trend and Bitcoin was traded more than other exotics.

This really built my confidence in this company. I was a little hesitant after reading your previous comment on the data issue. But that’s awesome that they have awesome customer support. Thanks.

Their support was very good and fast, but you should also look at their trading conditions.

Here’s some good insight on this thread regarding LMFX:

And also - Search results for 'LMFX' - BabyPips.com Forex Trading Forum

yeah the thread by clint is always active i keep an eye on it, the things flint shares with us are always top notch

Are you trading with that broker? Do you know any reliable Skrill exchanger to Paypal or Payoneer? I just withdrew fund in Skrill and need to buy some stuffs on Amazon but Skrill is not suppoted there.

just be warry of these online exchangers, especially since skrill i guess stil has some country restrictions going on after the old euro crisis

IMO, Skrill is the most popular e-wallet in the world. Paypal could be restricted in some fields as Forex or Gambling but Skrill isn’t. However, you need to be VIP to secure your account and money (chargeback sending money)

You should now every payment method has pros and cons and a broker as LMFX must support massive payment methods for traders from various country. Skrill could be useful for EU (because it’s from UK) and Asia but not a favorite one in U.S. From what I know each country trader have their preferences payment methods and you cannot say what is the best one like brokers matter.

What’s favourite or popular payment method with U.S trader?

we cant say for sure, but something tells me a lot simply go to more direct methods such as bank wire, unlike how bank wire works here in southi east asia, in the US it should be more convenient. but I had a rough experience with bank wire in the past, it took close to 2 months to receive a mere 300euro transaction (non forex related) so yeah and mainly because of local bank processes which really sucks in these parts of the world lol.

Stripe is such a popular payment method, but looks like it is not available in Forex field, isn’t it?

No one using Stripe, please advise your exp? I am Shopify seller as well and Stripe is supported, how’s about Forex?

Stripe is for U.S business. I recommend Skrill, it’s the best for Forex trading. Skrill is validating brokers for filtering bad ones. Time to use Skrill.

its not as easy as we have it i guess, things are different for US traders, and moving money i think is not as simple… but on a positive note its doable. and thats what i like about it.

PayPal is more convenient, personally. Idk why some countries banned it

Paypal is quite strict, many friends accounts were limited. Paypal is also strict in many fields as Forex. I see only a few broker support Paypal. I think we should use Skrill or Neteller and don’t forget to upgrade our account into VIP for chargeback.

I dont think that countries ban paypal, but due to strict rules, paypal has tendencies to freeze accounts, and thats not good in forex. many brokers faced this problem with paypal and simply decided to let go of it. i have seen broker trying in the past but it only lasted for a month or two before they let go of the service