Long time no see guuuys! :D (Ria's 2nd Trading Journal Attempt)

Good evening guuuys! :blush: Happy Monday! :smiley: I just wanted to drop by to check how everyone’s doing! :smiley: Did you guys see the SEA Games Opening? :slight_smile: Well, tbh, it was really amazing. :smiley: I know that the execution/ implementation of the SEA Games have a lot of corruption-related issues, but at least, during the Opening Ceremony, I felt proud again. :blush:

How about you guys? :smiley: How’s your week going?

I went long for NZDCAD. :slight_smile: My TP is @ 0.86864 and my SL is @ 0.84864. I’m currently 75 pips in. :blush: Super happy. I’ll probably stick around now to watch over my charts. Haha. :smiley:

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I’ll also check out the market milk here I guess to have an idea about how I should continue with my trade. :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile: If everything’s looking bullish, I might just leave it on for the night.

Niiiice. :smiley: We’re looking bullish! :blush:

So now, I’m more or less convinced that it’s okay for me to leave my trade on again. :blush: Haha.

USDJPY also looking pretty bullish. :thinking: Anybody in on this trade? :blush:

Hmm. USDJPY looking generally bullish, but just not so much on the daily. :thinking: I guess I could still go in for a long-term trade. :thinking:

Hmmm. :thinking: I guess I’m skipping USDJPY for now. :open_mouth: I’ll sit this one out until I see a better trade setup. :slight_smile:

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Hey! I’m glad that you never got in for a BUY. I made some pips for a sell earlier. The dollar was weakening, and price broke through resistance, but failed to stay above the level.

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Hi guuuuys! :blush: Happy happy Wednesday! :smiley: I’ve been busy with all the happenings this holiday season. Just for everyone’s information, Filipinos loooooove Christmas. Haha. :slight_smile: Our celebrations start as early as September, and lasts up unti January! :smiley: Haha. We’re very festive people.

Anyway, so sorry for not being able to update my thread in the past week! :smiley: But let’s get it on now. Good luck to us this week. :blush:

This trade was a really big win for me! :smiley: I hit my TP of 150 pips. :blush:

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Let me check out my charts now and see if I could spot any good trade setups. :slight_smile: How about you guys? Do you have any open trades right now? :slight_smile:

Hey! @ria_rose hope everything is okay! keep pushing. You got this :muscle:t5:

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BTMM really working for me.

Aww. :blush: Thank you so much @justshell. :blush: I’m back and I can’t wait to get to interact with you again. :smiley: I hope you’re doing great!

Hi @Ellisss! :smiley: I think it’s my first time hearing of this. :thinking: What’s BTMM? :open_mouth:

Ria-Rose is going live!! Exciting!!!

I just put on my first trades, Dailies.

Welcome back!!


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Haha. :smiley: I can feel your excitement! :smiley: I’m excited too. :slight_smile: I hope I get to trade live soon so I could become a “real” trader. :sweat_smile:

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You are a real trader. You’re just waiting on real money!! :laughing::laughing:


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Aww. :blush: That’s so sweet. Huhu. :frowning: I love how supportive you guys are. I’m sorry if I’m taking too long, but with your support and guidance, I’m now more confident about going live. :blush: