Looking for a broker

Yes, there are many brokers that allow their customers to even start with as low as $10. You can check out brokers like ■■■■■■■, Hotforex and XM. These brokers are pocket friendly.

Global Prime - unbelievable sympathic and open guys, they are so fair, friendly and correct, that you have the impression its a charity-organisation.

When it comes to trading, online brokers can offer one or more trading accounts. When they give the possibility of several accounts “it’s because each of them generally improves the trading conditions of the previous ones but it’s usually in exchange for a higher initial deposit requirement”. Currently you can start investing online with deposits of 100 euros.

In that case I would undoubtedly recommend the Standard account of the FBS broker that you can open from 100 Euros, the Spread is floating from 1 pip, the order volume is from 0.01 to 500 lots, among other advantages.

If I’m not mistaken, then the Amarkets broker has a minimum deposit of only $ 100, and even has a cent account.

I can recommend my broker FP Markets. It is suitable for beginners and experienced traders; they have regulations from ASIC, Cysec and an offshore license St.Vincent.

Regarding trading conditions, the spreads are pretty tight with lower slippage and commission costs.

I think there are few essentials that need to be looked for while choosing a broker. I personally prefer going with a broker who is reputable and has a good record because trust between a broker and a trader is very important. If my broker is not reputable I can hardly put my trust in its services. Also, good customer service is another useful asset that helps me decide on a broker.

As a forex trader I like brokers who allow me to choose between different account types and let me deposit and withdraw money with ease. There are a number of account types these days and a trader should be given access to choose the one best suited account for himself.

I'm new into forex trading and have been trading for three months in a demo account and to trade live. I'm looking for suggestions on reliable brokers that are either ASIC or FCA regulated?

It will be an advantage if the broker has good customer service because I may have many queries at the initial stage?

There are a lot of brokers that let you trade with $500 and even less. When I started to trade, it was just $5 that I used to trade because my broker didn’t have any minimum trading requirement.

If you search around, you will come across several brokers that let you trade with $500. But if you are just starting out, I won’t suggest risking this much. As you would be testing the market as a beginner, it would be best if you can just use $50 or less. This way you won’t just test the live market conditions but will also be able to save your money.

A lot of them are there. But I believe that you must test them on your own. This way you will get a better understanding of their features other than deposits and can decide whether you wish to go with them or not.

Did you choose a broker in the end? Also helps to know where you are from as that helps to give us an indication of your choices.

Completely agree, it’s best to risk small in the beginning, I started with $100 with finprotrading.

I'm a beginner in forex looking for a reliable broker with proper regulation with a minimum opening balance of $200 or lower and a good customer support team?

You can check this thread.

You’ll get to see multiple regulated brokers here. You can compare their trading conditions and can go for the one which suits you the best.

Hello, i would suggest you to try out AximTrade, Standard and Cent on need $1 min and ECN you only need deposit of min $50 with spread as tight as 0 pips for ECN.

ICMarkets - Their 24/7 support is amazing.

Yes many brokers withhold hard earned money that’s why it is important to trade with regulated brokers only, preferably by FCA

But I love WesternFX! An authentic Broker! Cool!