Looking for a community that trades like me. I'm so close to be profitable. I feel like a community that trades like me would be instantly push me over the line into proftiablility

I’ve created my own strategy as a London breakout trader. I only trade GBPJPY during London open.
I look for 30m trendline setups then go down to the 1m/3m/5m to look for specific information to be my entry, a ‘W’ or ‘M’ breakout. Some might say ‘oh no I don’t trade those timeframes it’s too risky’. My response is I go to the timeframes to look for specific information, and if it’s not there, I scale up or down depending on timeframe. If the information I’m looking for is there I use that time frame, but if I don’t see what I’m looking I take the night off. The whole point of going down to the timeframes is to get a ridiculously small stoploss.

I’m looking for people who trade similarly to me.
All I care about is trading. I don’t discriminate. You get freaky with animals? You drink BudLight? You sleep with the same sex? You sound funny? You look weird? You WHATEVER. I don’t care, if you’re a serious trader. I’m looking for you, people who want to make money using a similar strategy. Together, I KNOW we can DOMINATE! Lets conjoin our minds and act as one and make some money. I’ve been alone trading for 2 years, since I’ve started. I’m very close to the finish line.
I don’t need you. But I welcome you. Or please lemme get a welcome! I’ll join someone, or community. I believe with all my heart that 2 minds are better than one.
ScroogeMcDuckyFx#3979 (discord)

The 30m is the setup.
The lower timeframe is the entry.
All these setups took place within 4 days of one another.
(This week on GBPJPY 5/23/23)

The following pictures represent my trading style.



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Hi, it is your only one strategy which you are trading? Regards Greg

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Goodluck with your strategy G!

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Hi Greg. One strategy. One Pair. One Session. Do you trade GBPJPY London breakout?

Hi, no I don’t use London breakout strategy. Check this topic, maybe you will need it. The risk of trading one profitable strategy