Looking for a current list of trusted Offshore Brokers

Well it looks like my trusted offshore broker may have gone bad. After a huge winning week all the Mt4 games began. I remember seeing a current Trusted Offshore Broker list here, but after searching everything I see is 2 years old. Please let me know who you all are using with success.

It’s about 2 days old and thanks to @Clint

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Thank you so much. Not sure how I missed it. I did search for it. Thank you Clint for updating it.

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which broker went bad?

Also keen to know more details of your experience…
I have been using offshore brokers for a few years now and have had a great experience.

Here are a few trusted ones I know

  1. Coinexx
  2. Lqdfx
  3. Lmfx
  4. Trader’s way

They all have low minimum deposit requirements. Spreads and commission are also low. You can try one of them on a small account.

Pick the broker that has a reliable trading environment and also try their demo account.

Prefer reading the broker’s policies and terms & conditions before signing up with any broker.

Offshore brokers offer no restriction trading and are flexible w.r.t trading strategies. However, traders must conduct a deep research and study the brokers well before choosing any broker.

I prefer offshore brokers due the high leverage and fairly low trading charges they offer. I prefer to read online review and customers feedback to check the reliability and trustworthiness of the broker.

This is so important, you can’t afford not to check the broker’s terms and conditions because a whole lot can be found there.
I have been with forexchief for a while now and I can recommend them to anyone, especially the fact that they regulated and licensed with very good trading conditions.

I’ve been trading with a couple good ones, turnkey forex and sagefx. Trading with both begins with $10 and trading conditions are solid too.

Been with forexchief for a while now, and I can definitely recommend them to anyone. Most especially because they are regulated and licensed with visible offices across the globe you can verify in the event of anything. This is a huge plus for me.