Looking for a good broker

Hello there,

I am looking for some advise on where to look for good brokers and have a kind of comparison between market brokers.

Thanks in advance

Each trader has his own trading strategy and prefers select brokers…for example, I use three, from tradersway to FXCM and alpari…and use the lot with no issues. However, when it comes to selecting brokers, you need to do the grunt work, check out independent broker review sites, read the reviews, check out what the broker is offering and work out if the broker is the one for you…
What you can do is google some of the independent broker review sites, call up the broker or chat with them, see if they offer the real thing and the rest…good luck.


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Better also to check the threads to make sure that any potential sites haven’t been flagged by others as a scam.

Know what you are looking for, what is important to you and than run an online search so you can find a list of brokers which match your criteria. Short-list a few of them which you then further look into. I would not rush this process as it is a very important one. Nothing worse than to trade with a crappy broker.

I think, it’s too hard to find a best forex broker. please expert trader, give us few broker list. where you are trading without problem.

totally agree, brokers advertise too much on internet and it’s very hard to recognize which better or who is not scam. To me, I think we need to combine bunch of method to find a good pick as: friend, forum, review & rating sites and your experience with it.

Anyway, I think the topic owner should come here for asking:Forex Brokers


The answer to this will depend entirely on your strategy and trading goals - there isn’t a “best” broker - though there will be a best broker [I]for you[/I].

For example . . . I have had a forex account with TradeStation for about five years - I don’t trade with them, but I think the charting platform is fantastic and I use it for all my strategy testing - they’re not a broker I use for forex (not an ECN), or stocks (don’t want to pay their account maintenance fee - Interactive Brokers are far more reasonable), but I have used TradeStation for automated futures trading, for which it is superb (although I wouldn’t use them for [I]manual [/I]futures trading because I don’t like their order matrix - TransACT’s is much more intuitive and they’re a prime broker). So, it’s all a little bit specific and involved - totally depends on what you’re looking for!

Most brokers will offer you a free demo which will give you a good idea of how their platform works.

The following resources might be useful to you:

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A good idea might be to narrow down your selection, and then come back to this thread with two or three options and see what other member’s experience with them is.

Hope that helps!


I would second what Nick said, there is no “best” when it comes to forex trading or brokers for it is all relative. In short, what works for one trader need not necessarily work for the other trader. So you need to check out what’s on offer, set up a sorting criteria so you can shortlist brokers and then review the lot…good luck.

I think you need to first have a list of criteria you are looking for and do an online research you will find a long list of broker then find out their reputation most probably go to forum that discuss about brokers it will really help you alot.

There are some brands, but i don´t know, which one is the best.

There are many reliable and trusted brokers. You can find their list on internet. All famous international brokers are good . They offer best for their clients. Forums are best source to know reputation of different brokers.