Looking for a mentor

I’m 17 and I’m looking for a mentor and abit of personal guidence within trading

If you want to learn Forex then start Learning with BabyPips School. This way you can start learning the basic concepts. Do not trust on any mentor, not every other person is going to help you.


Unfortunately, it’s true. In my early stage I faced so many problems on mentor issue. Then I started manual learning process. Besides, I agree with your opinion on BabyPips School.

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Hello hello! :smiley: Wow you’re young! Huhu. I wish I started learning more about forex trading when I was your age. :frowning:

Anyway haha :sweat_smile: I also think that looking for a “mentor” could be very risky since there are a lot of scammers out there. :sweat: BUT don’t worry cause there are a of really nice people here who would be happy to give you their thoughts and opinions! (I just don’t think they’d say yes to being a mentor. Haha.) But surely, you’d get enough guidance from them. :blush: :blush:

The BabyPips school is definitely the way to go if you’re still starting to explore forex trading. :smiley: It’s tried, tested, and freeeee!! Hahaha. :fireworks:

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Well said, self learning is the best learning. Though you can always take the help of some experienced traders on this forum, wherever you stuck somewhere.

Forex is a busy business, no one is going to be free for us to teach. If someone is earning then he will focus on his earning not in teaching others.