Looking for a team of Female Forex Traders

Hi everyone! I am looking to join or start a team of young women/ female college students who are passionate about day trading stocks and in the foreign exchange market to team up with and work together to start a day trading group/community/company. I am 19 years old and located in Hershey Pennslyvania. I have been day trading for several months and would love to learn, improve, and grow with a group. If you are a female around my age who is passionate about day trading, live nearby this area, and want to learn, improve, and start a potential company/team in a group please let me know! Or if you already have a group in this area I would love to join! I look forward to meeting you.

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Yaaay! :blush: Another female trader! :smiley: Exciting. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, even though I’m female, I’m much older and I live very far. :sweat: (I’m from the Philippines, btw!) But I really hope you find people to be part of your group. :blush:

Hi! I’m a fellow female trader and I suppose close enough in age (26) but I live in Alabama unfortunately. Still think this is a really good idea and wish you luck with it!

It’s nice to meet you! It’s so great to meet another female trader. How long have you been trading?

Hi! It’s so nice to meet you! How long have you been trading?

hy , i’m a female trader too but still a newbie :frowning: