Looking for Day trading partners 2

Thank you. Very good point. I normally determine trend with support and resistance + set of MAs + looking at stochastic if it’s oversold/overbought, if BB opening up or getting tight. I normally traded 5 or 15 min charts, and made analyses on 1h / 4h charts to determine a long-term trend. It was working out OK on a breakout trades, but on other type of trades not so much.

I use much more trade tool set to determine trend, not only support and resistance, the economic situation is also considered. I normally check timeframes MN/W1/D1, set order at M1/M5/M15/H1/H4 based on trade method scalping/swing/pure price action etc.

Does EURUSD turn up? GBPUSD turn up? in following weeks?
If the direction predict correct, the profit will be huge.
But this is the most hard part. Following the trend.

Can you please share your contact let’s discuss.

Good evening, one thing that is for sure is that one grows with others. I would like to work with you.

Welcome itx_baiita and PipoJourney, seem there is difficult to share contact on this forums.

Let’s discuss here before get a better talking group, such as twitter, fb…
Sharing my analysis for EURCAD, opportunity to short next week.
EURCAD is range between support and resistance blue line in previous months,
but this month break out the blue line in bigger range.
Next month or following weeks, I will short EURCAD after one RED bar generated.

and similar opportunity to short EURAUD in following weeks.
Appreciated for your comments.

Good day to short EURCAD and EURAUD, because yesterday form a red bar, it’s a signal according to pure price action.

Are you short EURCAD and EURAUD today? I am short EURCAD at 1.48763 20200303

Today 2020/03/03
Short EURCAD takeprofit 50pips.
Continue to short EURCAD and EURAUD this week.

this is perfect, I am looking for trading partners also. I trade full time and alone. Sometime it can get tedious and boring and lead to silly mistakes. I believe having partners can help with this. Lets get in touch

Good to see you, and your feeling is totally same as me. Human has some drawback, especially when the market is ranging in the low flow level, it will be boring us and make some silly order, that’s why I try to find some partner who love trading, discussing trading with partner before order will reduce mistake.
I am trading with EA and day trading manually, and I know both of EA and Human trading have different drawback, a team discuss will remedy this drawback, also the boring.

Exactly! i have made so many ‘boredom trades’ that have lost me money. If i’d misus all the boredom trades, I would be a millionaire by now. Where are you based?

I developed my own and unique method of trading. I analyse charts mainly in the 30m, and use 1h, 2h to confirm trend. But i enter in 1min charts. My SL is noramlly only 4-6 pips and my target is normally 8-12 pips. So normally its 1:2, 1:3 risk ratio. Normally I am in and out within 15-30 mins only. I do about 6-12 trades per day. I could say some of the loses I make daily could be avoided if I had a trading partner. Let me know if we have similar trading style.

My major trading style are EA and Scalping manually. For the scalping, I enter in 1min charts too, but I will check the M1,W1,D1,H4,H1,M15,M5 and related currency, sound crazy, I will watch the market, the scalping order enter, but maybe out with target 2-10pips, or change scalping to swing according to the enter point located in which trend, if scalping enter in a good place, such as short at H4 high, the scalping target will be changed to 30-50pips. same for StopLoss, some time, it’s very large.

I try to set up a virtual team from anywhere, we can talk in a group, seem an software is necessary to group us, and leave a message in the group anytime, and anyone can see the message at their free time.
Group team works like that:
Group Talk:
A: I try to short EURCAD now, anyone have any comment.
B: EURCAD in Day Chart, 2 long bars and following 1 short bar, sound like today will be short day, but signal for long turning short is not so much clear,
I think today will go up, short tomorrow or late of today will be a good position.
C: agree, EURCAD is not clear now

So we have similar style of trading(i.e similar time frame and pip size) which is essential for us to be on the same page. This is great Do you have a live group chat where members can share their thoughts and opinion on a live trade in real time. We trade in the 1min so it would be nice for another person’s input in mins too, haha

seem there is no way to share contact, mail…

find some app support Group Message: FB message, wechat

14 months straight of profits is a big one for me. I would like to know your day trading strategy.