Looking for help in strategy

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if someone can take me under his/her wings and teach me a trading strategy that you’ve tested and works. I’m willing to be disciplined and learn fast.

Thank you.

Your question’s completely understandable and reasonable.

Unfortunately, though, it’s also completely unrealistic, because it implies an “objectivity” that doesn’t exist.

Systems don’t work. Traders do.

Thousands before you have discovered that trying to copy a system that “works” doesn’t work for them.

What works for them is developing skills.

Having said all that, my own opinion is that these three systems are the best in the forum in that they’re among very, very, very few here that are based on sensible principles and really have a positive expectancy when used by people who have developed skills and understand risk management, position sizing and all the rest you need to master, to trade profitably over the long term:-


Probably right, too. Those three are all based on realities of the forex markets, anyway. And there’s educational value in reading them, experimenting with them, trying to use them, and so on.

It’s true that “copying something that works” is an awful idea, but completely understandable, as you say, and at least those three “systems” are beneficial rather than time-wasting, overall, even if as a new trader you can’t easily profit from them.


I would just like to add something here about the Ribbon method as the PDF in that thread is mine and I therefore carry bit of a responsibility for it! :slight_smile:

This method works best on longer timeframes, i.e. not less than 4 hours, and is not really intended as a trend following system. Its main function is to add pips following a reversal in the ribbon.

However, it can also be used for trend following but needs “something” else with it to provide a trend “backbone” to help avoid the inevitable fake crosses from such a method. I.e. only trade the ribbon crossovers in the direction of the identified underlying trend.

It is a method that has good merits if used properly since the reaction to changes in market direction is fast. But this naturally has the downside of false crossovers - hence the need for a filter.

Here is an image of the 4H EURUSD with my own ribbon and trend identifier. It has been working fine but if you study it you can see how there are times when it keeps you in the trend and other times when theprice consolidates that the ribbon on its own can throw you about - it does respond better to a sensible discretionary approach rather than a mechanical one. You can also see that it combines well with a Price Action analysis since it does not clutter the chart unnecessarily.

Just a few comments based on my own usage of this method…


More or less everything works. You have to find out what works for you. A successful trader himself is a strategy. There are lot of things that remain in the head. Those things don’t have any shape. He can teach you only the technical aspects. Rest you have to obtain according to your trading personality.

Thank you for your response.

I’ll give my best to develop skills, but still, I would like to chat with you and see if you can let me know when I’m wrong or why I’m wrong in trading?


Thank you everyone for taking your time, I appreciate that. I’ll give my best, I’m willing to become a serious trader.

Dear mate there are several trading strategy related topics in BabyPips. You can follow those to get clear concept. But I must say that there are several trading strategies. You need to define which one is appropriate for your trading. Because the strategy for long term trader will not give you good result for scalping. Same goes for the opposite scenario. Or you can make your own strategy. But it need a long trading experience and knowledge.