Looking for MT4 Email Indicator/EA

Hey Everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has some MT4 code that will email me anytime a trade is made or closed on my account/terminal. I was looking for a setting that would email me when a trade was taken or closed, but the only thing like this that i can find is the alerts. I have these working, but they are manual.

Its not really code I want to add to an existing “Robot”, since all of my trading is manual, this is something that would sit there an email whenever I trades were executed.


Hi Dale,

Not sure you will find what you’re looking for but here is a link to huge database of everything MT4.


Hey Pip,
I have searched in there, but had no luck. I will double check again though.

Hey Dale,

I think the Cowabunga System MT4 Indicator (or EA?..I can’t remember which) had an email alert included in the code for whenever a signal was generated. I haven’t looked at the cowabunga threads for quite some time, but still…it could be worth your while checking it out to see if there is any code you can use.

I’ll also keep an eye out for any other info and let you know if I find anything.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks Shane, I will take a look.

I modded an EA based on Nicholishen’s original alerter EA. Here is the file.

It alerts upon the close of a trade on a pair to which the EA was attached. I use a commercial EA, and I open up an extra chart to which I attach the alerter.

Mind you, I am not a MQ4 programmer, I just dabble, so it may not be the best code in the world, but it works for me. I would love to have it augmented to alert on trade openings as well, but I am not that smart yet. If anyone can contribute to this code, that would be great!

This is what the email looks like:

Subject: CLOSE pr: 23.59, bal: 5152.57, eq: 5058.81

Symbol: <PAIR> <BUY/SELL> <MAGIC#>
Comment: <COMMENT>
Ticket#: <TICKET#>
Size: <SIZE_LOT>
Profit: <$PROFIT>

Used Margin: <USED_MARGIN>
Free Margin: <FREE_MARGIN>


Dimmy, thanks alot this looks great!