Looking for NZ Traders to form small group

Hi all - I am living in NZ & have traded futures but now looking to learning FX Strategies. Trading is a lonely business and I am keen to see if there are any fellow Kiwis interested in forming a group. I live in Hastings and have started looking at London Session which falls between 5pm and 11pm. Using 4hr charts seems the most stress-free way of trading and my attention is mainly on Big E’s method featured in this forum. I have only recently finished reading that thread and it is now time to put the system to the test. If anyone is keen to work together in FX and Futures, an email will be well received

Hi Meadsie, I have been trading for about a year i am from taranaki saw your post here and wondered if u have contact with other nz traders. be interested in hearing from you cheers Brett.

Hi Reggie - good to hear from you.

You are the 1st to respond buddy although I do know there are a few Kiwis on my current threads where I live.
If you want , click on my profile & send an Email to me then I can respond directly to you. Look forward to sharing.
Meadsie ( Brian ):35:

Hi Meadsie

Its was nice to see a fellow kiwi… I am from Auckland and trying to exactly as you are trying to do… Trading in a group… I don’t like trading alone… Let me know; if you are still trading forex and interested to exchange ideas and strategies…


That’s a great idea guys. I’m nowhere near your location so I won’t join, but I remember reading on some other forums that people made groups like this in different cities and went on to rent an office for like a month. Then they would all meet every day and trade together. I really like that. I might organize something like this for myself too!

Hi Kanbike

Where exactly are you in New Zealand? I don’t think distance should be a problem, because i am planning to have combination of "Local Area group and the “Virtual Group” just like a Live Trading/Chat Room…

Do you know any other active forex traders in New Zealand? How long have you been trading forex?? Love to hear back from you…


Hi Just read a couple threads . Would like to join the kiwi group if you have formed one ! Another engineer to another :wink: Regards

Hi Guys & or Gals,
Still away for another 5 days or so but will contact Aash ( Currencye) as soon as I am back. Then we can talk about getting things underway if thats what we want to happen.
Brian ( meadsie)

Hi guys,
I’m wondering if this is steel on , Any way I’m from morocco and i trade NZDJPY/ GBPJPY/ GBPUSD / EURJPY offten i prefer to not use indicator i use only support and resistance and i trade with the trend… , my first course was here at baby pips that i’m so grateful, So if any one interested we can help each other