Looking for someone to write a Fractal EA

So I’m working on trading with fractals so I was hoping someone who knows how to program can help me with an EA for easier back testing. I just need an EA that opens a trade at the break of a fractal or enters a trade one bar after a fractal. What I mean is if you have an up fractal (a fractal on top of the bar), I want to place a sell order at that bars low (the bar after the fractal first appeared, the 4th bar in the fractal formation).

Then all the EA would do is enter on those conditions and have a SL set for a fixed number of pips or preferably at the fractal’s high or low.

Does this EA sound like it would be easy or hard to write? I have no programming knowledge at all. It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard but what do I know.


All I need really is the breakout EA, no programmers on here willing to help?

eacreator website starts after one month, so you will be able to create EA there by yourself without any programming straight on website, by filling in fields, choosing from the lists and so on…

Even custom indicators can be uploaded and their default parameters will be read from mql code and filled in to website fields automatically, so it would be easy fro newbies or those who do not know anything about programming. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Is this a website you are working on and also what’s the actual website going to be called if you know? Please keep this thread updated for when the site is ready to go.


Yes, I am one of developers of this tool. You can a find link in my profile if interested. We are planing to start it after one month.

There’s actually one particular commercial custom indicator package that does this. No EA however. I am trying to get some work done on one.

Essentially, I think that using fractals is the best way to trade, especially when you don’t have much capital, because it allows you to ride the breakouts and not risk much on drawdown per trade – which is absolutely essential if you do not have the equity - like the huge banks - to have trades in drawdown that last days.

Are you willing to pay?

If so, there are plenty of programmers who do this for a living. Post an ad on MT4.com or other large forex sites with your offer. I don’t know what you do for a living, but if you are (for example) a mechanic, would you overhaul my truck for free?

If you are not willing to pay, learn to do it yourself, it’s really not as complicated as you might think but it can be time consuming. Lucky for me I have a friend who is a programmer by trade who is mentoring me. I have written a couple of EAs that are 100% in 2009 with little drawdown. And no, I am not offering to code your EA at any price as I am busy working on my own.

I doubt EACREATOR’s web site will give you free EAs. And you probably won’t get the source code from his site either. Why should he give you something for free you can turn around and sell for a profit?

One of my ideas is someday to possibly sell a blank template EA with menus for items that you can click on one at a time or multiples, MA RSI BANDS CCI etc, with values for each. Also money management, trailing stop loss, take profit, stop loss. You decide your own parameters for each and backtest it on the pairs / timeframes you want to use according to current market conditions.