Looking for South African Forex Trader interested in becoming Partner

Established FX traders I am partnered with are looking to start a fund offshore (out of USA) and we feel South Africa is the best place to do so because it is English-speaking and not heavily regulated like many other English-speaking countries. What we NEED: is simply ONE rep in South Africa who can “close” investor clients from $10K to $1M+. It is illegal in so many countries so we are looking for someone in S.A. who is interested in doing this for a cut of things. You will be given a phone line, fax, email, etc that customers will be sent to YOU. Looking for someone ASAP. Thank you.

Please PM if interested.

Hi there, i am a live trader on futures most of the time, living in johannesburg, can you explain more pls…
I have six years experiance… Full time trader

CAN you give me the details of the broker you trade with??
also i am new in SA and was wondering where do the forex traders and ibs meet

Hi, I am rading with FXCM and also easy-forex…

but they are not local…i meant local forex brokers in SA

or any introducing broker?

Sorry for the confusion, then I am not sure I am the one u looking for… I can get the guy who couched me to contact you…if you wish…

I am part of the training school in forex,need some info in the local market of joberg
do you know many traders?send me your email.perhaps we can do something together

yes send me details of that guy if you can…

much appreciated thanks.

hi,can you send me details for the introducing broker for fxcm and easy forex in south africa