Looking for Trading Buddy

I haven’t seen a thread like this, so I suppose I’ll start it and see how it goes.

I’ve recently started trading and I think it’d be kind of cool to have a couple of trading buddies to talk with over Skype, AIM, etc. who have the same type of trading strategy/style as me just to get some perspective. I mean, I could post all my stuff on here, but I think a more one on one environment would benefit me better. So I guess ya’ll can just post your “application” and if someone sees someone who trades like them, they can get to talking. So here I go!

Trading style: Short term using S/R
Currency pairs: Any and all
Timeframes: 15 minute and 1 hour
Lot size: At the moment micro, until I feel like I’m doing well enough to move up to mini.
Trading Hours: My job only uses me about 10ish or so hours a week, so the other 110 hours, I’m a bum- sitting at my computer looking at charts =)
Goal: Make a substantial living in college and eventually be able to trade when I graduate college and make some nice supplemental income;)

Other: I’m not to educated in the economics market yet. I’m starting college next year and will be majoring in International Trade and Finance, so I will be eventually =) (but I’m still learning as much as I can on my own.) I’m very organized. I keep a very in depth trading log, with printscreens of all my trades to look back at them. I’m also a really laid back guy.

I guess that about covers it all! If ya’ll can think of some more stuff to add to the “application” just do so. Thanks!

Warning, if you go to that room, you’ll be repeatedly asked to spam your charts on all Never Lose Again threads.