Looking forward to joining the convo

Hi all. 20-20manolo signing in. Looking to start a Demo account having just finished the course.

It’s all ahead!

Congrats on your first topic, your intro, and finishing the School.

Now on to some trading.

Thanks BillyBob!

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Hi! Glad to welcome you to the forum. I hope that you will succeed and become a good trader. If there are any questions or something doesn’t work out for you, then write to the forum, there are a lot of people who are ready to give you advice and teach you. Have a good journey!

Hi! Working on a trade plan right now and will be hitting the demo site soon Thinking about working a “trending strategy”, and specifically trend identification and confirmation tools.
Thanks for reaching out

Hello @20-20manolo! Congratulations on finishing the School and good luck on your demo trading!

Hey thank-you baemax 023!
Just working on the mechanix of the demo site. Hope your trading is going well!

New too. Where are you reading about this strategy. Looking for my first!

Hi Thebeezneez. Diving back into the babypips course and trying to integrate it all

Thanks too! What trading platform are you using?

Hi. Just exploring an Oanda demo account. Navigating the website now and hoping to start this week!
How about you?

I’m also using Oanda for my demo account. Exciting week for you! Good luck!

You find a system that works. It’s tough just using indicators. Maybe too many indicators is the problem!

Using a demo will get you a feel of how your platform works and help you figure out its technical aspects. With adequate practice on demo you will avoid finding yourself in unpleasant situations when you will start trading in a live account.

Thanks! Glad to be here Hope things are going well for you!

Great advice! Navigating a demo site now!