Losing money is part of any business

yes i agree, losing is part of trading with forex, sometimes having loss help us to do more and effectively on the next trading. it can be a lesson for us.

what can you say ?

Yes, it can help, as long as you don’t lose so much money you have to quit and if you manage to learn your lesson effectively.

A study once showed that up to 60% of a businesses client base is in fact, a cost to the business. The cost to me reading the pointless threads is making me dumber!

But the real question which you seem to be avoiding is why are you posting these in the first place. C’mon Fiona, share your motivation.

Well said, Bob!!

I don’t think we will get an answer, here…

Is it just attention-seeking?


I agree with you, we need to learn from it and make new plans for us to bounce back from what we’ve loss. and never repeat it again.

well, this post if for those who can give advise and not for those who have nothing good to say, maybe if you nothing to share about the topic better not to join the convo because there is still some one that interested on this kind of topic. being a successful trader doesn’t mean you don’t need to know some things that can make you more effective on trading. or maybe just give good advise. after all no one is forcing you to read and put comment in here. am i right ?

Point taken, you are right…

We are just interested to hear why you want to trade, it make us more engaged with you as a person…

Just ignore me and Bob :slight_smile:

Yes, I definitely agree with you, Fiona - of course it’s better to learn off somebody else’s mistakes, but I’m afraid that most of the time actual experience comes only from your own mistakes or success - because we can prepare ourselves for some events using others’ history, but how our own strategy/psychology will play out - in the end we need to take this risk.

This guy must definitely joking with all of us

everytime you loose money you learn how to not trade = hence you learn what not to do.

people learn most effectively when they are getting punished. thats why real trading is so much different from papertrading (demo account) and you learn in real so much faster then on demo.

thats why i always try to tell people to go life fast, with small account that doesnt hurt you, you learn in life trading in one month more then with demo in 1 year.

and fiona, you should structure your forum threads that way that you leave a question for debate. if you answare your own question correctly in the same sentence then theres no use asking people “what they think”, that is what Bob and PipMeHappy meant with starting useless threads :wink:

Good point :slight_smile:

Not on this one bro! Fiona, as PMH says, we just want to engage with you as a person. But why are you here? I’ve read some post where I’ve gone mmm… I’m going to think more about that. But then you go start some threads and it feels like your being zapped in the brain with a cattle probe. That’s why I asked on another thread are you seeking knowledge or looking to share knowledge? Personally, I hope it’s the latter.

100% agreeance. If you can’t afford a small account to learn in then you can’t afford to trade forex.

Had an old coach who once told me you play as you train. Nothing good can occur inside a demo account - bad pactice.

What he said :slight_smile:

And so what if i put an answer ? nothing wrong with that,its my personal opinion about the topic and i just want someone to give their thoughts about it. well, maybe just ignore it and go on with our life.

Every business has losses in it but due to the nature of forex business, the risk factor is very high and it requires a lot of effort to control that risk factor.

The risk component in the Forex trading is more and as we all know that the losses can happen to us at any time the best bet a trader has is to use his trading in way that can give him some income…

It is but we are more cautious when we are doing any physical business. In online investment like in forex trading we use virtual money and upon losing that money no one feels too much about it. This is why many traders lose money while trading forex.

In any business if you are getting a loss you will learn from that.There is no one without any loss in forex. Losing is a way to gain experience in trading . :))

I think we should all keep in mind that learning how not to use money, or at the very least learning how to lose as little money as possible is also a vital part of any (successful) business. :slight_smile: